CLDFND Training

CLDFND (Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals) v1.0 is a five-day course designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) to perform foundational tasks related to Cloud computing. It teaches the characteristics and deployment models of a Cloud network. The CLDFND course is one of two components in the CCNA Cloud curriculum. This course is presented using a combination of lectures and lab activities and incorporates all the material a student needs to pass the CLDFND exam.

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Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals
CCNA Cloud

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What's Included

  • Comprehensive study materials including official Cisco courseware
  • Remove lab access


  • Understand network fundamentals for example, routing, switching, VLAN
  • Understand compute fundamentals for example, servers, operating systems
  • Understand storage fundamentals for example, basics of FC, FCoE, VSAN

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • Describe common cloud characteristics
  • Describe and Identify the cloud service models
  • Describe and Compare cloud deployment models
  • Identify cloud deployment decision factors
  • Identify and Illustrate key features of UCS
  • Define server virtualization
  • Describe network architectures for the data center
  • Identify infrastructure virtualization
  • Analyze and Identify storage provisioning concepts
  • Describe and Compare the difference between all the storage access technologies
  • Describe and Compare various reference architectures for converged infrastructure

Course Outline

    Module 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing

    • Lesson 1: Introducing Cloud Computing Basic Concepts
    • Lesson 2: Describing Cloud Service Models
    • Lesson 3: Comparing Cloud Deployment Models
    • Lesson 4: Exploring the Cisco Intercloud Solution

    Module 2: Cloud Networking

    • Lesson 1: Describing Cisco Data Center Network Architecture
    • Lesson 2: Exploring Virtual Networking
    • Lesson 3: Identifying Cisco Nexus 1000V Series Switches
    • Lesson 4: Define and Analyze Cisco Virtual Networking Service Appliances
    • Lesson 5: Define and Analyze Software Defined Network Fundamentals
    • Lesson 6: Describing the Cisco ACI Solution

    Module 3: Cloud Storage

    • Lesson 1: Comparing Storage
    • Lesson 2: Describing Fibre Channel Storage Networking Concepts
    • Lesson 3: Exploring NAS Storage Basic Concepts
    • Lesson 4: Identifying Cisco MDS and UCS Invicta Products

    Module 4: Cloud Compute

    • Lesson 1: Describing Cisco UCS C-Series Product Family
    • Lesson 2: Identifying Cisco UCS B-Series Product Family
    • Lesson 3: Explaining Cisco UCS Blade Provisioning
    • Lesson 4: Defining Server Virtualization

    Module 5: Basic Knowledge of Cloud Storage

    • Lesson 1: Exploring Reference Architecture for Converged Infrastructure
    • Lesson 2: Describing Cloud Automation, Provisioning, and Management Platforms


    • Lab 1: Examine Cisco Intercloud Fabric Director
    • Lab 2: Validate VSAN and Zoning
    • Lab 3: Validate FLOGI and FCNS
    • Lab 4: Explore the Cisco UCS Manager GUI
    • Lab 5: Review Cisco UCS B-Series Configuration
    • Lab 6: Deploying VMware ESXi Server on Cisco UCS Blade
    • Lab 7: Connecting ESXi Server to FC LUN on the Cisco UCS Invicta Storage
    • Lab 8: Deploying the Cisco Nexus 1000V Switch with VSUM
    • Lab 9: Examine the Cisco Prime Network Services Controller
    • Lab 10: Deploying Cisco Virtual Security Gateway
    • Lab 11: Deploying Cisco ASA 1000V